Mukhtar Robow ignored the decision of Somali Ministry of Security to halt his candidacy…

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There was a series of events in Baidoa, the capital city of South West Somalia, which attends some of the members of South West deputies, with support given to Mukhtar Robow.

Reports say that he ignored the decision of the Somali Ministry of Security to halt his candidacy, with his campaign in Baidoa.

Mukhtar Robow’s movements in Baidoa strengthened on Thursday, when he met with the traditional elders of South West and various sections of society.

Mukhtar Robow was among the founders of Al-Shabaab, he was a Spokesperson for the Group and Deputy Leader, but for years he came out of the group and opened a dialogue with the government.

The United States has taken over $ 5 million on his head, but the Somali government says it has yet to withdraw Mr Robow from the International ban, such as the International Police, Finance and Travel.

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