A rescue organization blamed Italy for the unprecedented increase of death in the Mediterranean…

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The Sea Watch of the German Rescue and relief organization Saturday blamed Italy for the unprecedented increase in the number of drowning in the Mediterranean during the trip from Libya to the European countries.

According to the organization, on Twitter, the deaths among these immigrants amounted to about 20% last September.

The Deutsche Welle network quoted the organization as saying that one out of every five migrants trying to cross the Mediterranean dies, bringing death rates to an unprecedented level.

Italy’s recent policy of Interior Minister Matteo Salvini’s refusal to anchor non-Italian rescue vessels on its coasts has led to an increase in the deaths of migrants in the Mediterranean, the organization said.

Last month Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini proposed the detention of irregular migrants within ships in the Mediterranean until the processing of their asylum applications in EU countries was completed.

While the Italian judiciary opened an investigation last August with Salvin because he prevented a group of immigrants from going to enter the Italian coast from a ship belonging to the Coast Guard.

The German organization pointed out that the process of crossing the Mediterranean illegally from Libya to Italy has become dangerous to migrants to an unprecedented degree.

The relief and rescue organization is based on research conducted by the Italian Institute for International Policy Studies, which, according to official United Nations statistics and estimates by the institute itself, found that the death rate on cruise ships from Libya to Italy reached 19 percent in September. This percentage was in the previous months between 0.1% and 8% maximum, according to the same source.

According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM), 1777 people died this year as they tried to cross the Mediterranean illegally, compared with 2749 last year in the same period. However, the total number of people who took the migration flight last year was much higher than the total for the current year, so the death rate this year is higher.

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