Every moment passed on me, you are in my mind and in kind, you are the architect that i live…

Every moment passed on me, You are in my mind .. and in kind ..
You are the architect that i live .. In the long run
As much as I tried to challenge you and to Forget my sadness and grief and silence the jealousy in my heart .. And lay my wound in nostalagia
Threw your pearls in my senses .. And you follow me in my sins
You threw the whole world around me .. The frequency of your name is mixed
In my life before you .. I experienced a tough love story & It is still in my heart ..
Memories of bitterness remain
I said to you, my happiness is still remain But you ruined my hope ..
After ten noble nobles as If i knew your opponents .. Days long
I did not hesitate for a moment ..
Forget your injustice .. and keep your dream ..
I forget all the rest before.. My love is beyond my will ..
My love is purely beyond impossible..

Shabakada Wararka, hagaag.com info@hagaag.com

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