Trump falsely accuses Ilhan Omar of entering the US illegally and marrying her brother in wild rally speech…

Graeme Massie
INDEPENDENT . Sat, October 17, 2020, 12:54 AM GMT+2
Donald Trump falsely accused Ilhan Omar of entering the US illegally and marrying her own brother in a wild campaign speech.

The president launched another racist attack against the Minnesota congresswoman as he accused her of “hating” America during his latest rally in Ocala, Florida.

“If you look at the House with Pelosi, it’s like they hate Israel, and they believe in Omar who came in here and married her brother or something, and came in illegally,” he said.

“Come on Justice, let’s go Justice, Department of Justice.”

Right-wing blogs have claimed that her ex-husband Ahmed Nur Said Elmi was actually her brother and that she married him in 2009 so he could secure a move to the US.

The New York Post claimed in January that FBI agents had met with a “concerned party” who handed them a “treasure trove” of documents relating to Mr Elmi.

Ms Omar’s office has described previous claims about the matter “disgusting lies.”

Somalian-born Ms Omar arrived in the US as a refugee in the 1990s and became a US citizen in 2000 at the age of 17.

Mr Trump continued to attack Ms Omar throughout his speech, claiming he would win Minnesota despite polls showing him well down in her home state.

“I think we’re going to win Minnesota because of Omar,” said Mr Trump.

“Think of it, she hates our country. She hates our country. She comes from a place that doesn’t even have a government and then she comes here, she tells us how to run our country, and she hates our country.”

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