Ilhan Omar blames Trump’s ‘criminal neglect’ for her father’s death from coronavirus…

Graeme Massie
INDEPENDENT . Fri, December 18, 2020, 10:15 PM GMT+1
Ilhan Omar has blamed Donald Trump’s “criminal neglect” for her father’s death from Covid-19.

The congresswoman, from Minnesota, lost 67-year-old Somalian-born Nur Omar Mohamed to the virus in June.

Ms Omar blamed the White House for their mishandling of the pandemic and said they were responsible for the more than 300,000 coronavirus deaths.

“My father and over 300,000 people have lost their lives because of dangerous criminal neglect by Trump and his administration,” she said on MSNBC.

Ms Omar said she supported House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, who in a memo wrote that he found evidence of “political interference” by the administration into the handling of the virus by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I agree with Clyburn that it is not enough for us just to issue subpoenas, we have to investigate and prosecute these people who are responsible for these reckless deaths,” she said.

Ms Omar, who has been a vocal critic of Mr Trump, became emotional as she discussed her father’s death.

“My father should be here today, so many of our family members should be here today and they’re not here with us because we had leaders who didn’t care about their lives,” she added.

“The president, to this day, has not shown an ounce of compassion to the people who have passed away.

“My father survived so many things, for him to lose his life to Covid is devastating.”

The House coronavirus subcommittee has now opened an investigation into the claims of interference by the Trump administration over the CDC.

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